Royal Whims

Tournaments are the lifeblood of combat in the Society and are pleasing to Their Majesties. Whenever a tournament can be held, a tournament should be held.

Heraldic display brightens even the darkest halls.

Recognition and Encouragement are the domain of all.

Prince Brennan honors whom he fights for, before the crown tournament final.
photo by Brenden Crane

Inspiration comes in many forms and from many places, as does encouragement. If you see a beautiful display of art, a dazzling display of courtesy, a quiet act of service, give that person a token and/or a spoken “thank you.”

Tokens are not just for Peers to give.

It is good to be supportive of other individuals and communities. It is great to support other individuals and communities of which you are not a part.

Our society and kingdom are made up of many different communities centered around diverse pursuits. The success of the whole depends on the successful cooperation and collaboration between all of these communities. If you don’t fight, waterbear. If you don’t art, help set up an A&S display. If you don’t fence, be a list runner. The less insular we are, the better we are.

Oxford commas are correct, pleasing, and period.

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