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Brennan, Ardrí; Caoilfhionn, Ardrígain; and Family


Favorite colors: Green, blue, purple, black
Clothing: Byzantine, Roman, Viking
Preferred foods: Sriracha, Meats, Jerky, Guacamole
Preferred beverage: Water, Black coffee, Beer, Scotch
Dislikes: Curry
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Post crown celabratory kiss.
photo by Brenden Crane


Favorite colors: Blue, green, purple, black
Clothing: Roman, Celtic, Viking
Preferred foods: Chocolate chip cookies, Milk chocolate covered caramel, Pepperoni
Preferred beverage: Sweet coffee drinks, Sugar-free Red Bull, Snapple sugar-free peach iced tea, Red Gatorade Zero, Sweet ports, Wheat vodka
Dislikes: Lamb, Veal. Raw tomatoes, Bleu cheese, Black licorice flavors
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The Children

Courtney Rose

Firstborn of Brennan and Caoilfhionn
Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple, Blue
Clothing: Celtic, Viking, Roman
Preferred foods: Strawberries, Steak, Raw carrots, Raw broccoli, Strawberry or Mint Chip ice cream, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Trolli candy, Chicken nuggets, Cheese or Pepperoni pizza
Preferred beverage: Water
Dislikes: Intermittent or non-existent internet service, bullies, injustice, and pretty much any foods or beverages not listed above

Brian mac Brennan

Second child of Brennan and Caoilfhionn
Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Orange
Clothing: Celtic, Viking, Roman
Preferred foods: Grapes, Chicken nuggets, Rice, Eggs, Lactose-free pizza
Preferred beverage: Water, Apple juice

ALLERGIES: Lactose Intolerant to Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Ice cream, etc. Can have milk as an ingredient in cooked/baked foods, can have things cooked in butter.


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