Caoilfhionn’s Kids Service Initiative

For Our subjects aged 12 and under Queen Caoilfhionn invites you to discover the noble art of Service in the SCA.

Service comes in many forms, great and small, from holding a kingdom office or autocrating an event to setting up and breaking down. Every hand makes the work lighter, every link in the chain makes it stronger and every “thank you” given in earnest makes us a little brighter.

Listed on the KSI tracking sheet are numerous tasks that can be completed during a given event. We have ranked these tasks with points. The goal is to accumulate 10 points during the day. Once you have earned 10 points, turn in your sheet at the Royal Room or at the Royal Pavilion. All who have completed 10 points will have their names read in court and will receive a token.

Download the non-event specific KSI tracking sheet (PDF)

Download the KSI tracking sheet for Balfar’s Challenge (4/21) (PDF)

Completing Tasks:

Put a check mark next to the task you completed.
Tasks valued at 3 or 4 points must be signed off/initialed by an adult whom you are helping or working alongside with.
Tasks valued at 1 or 2 points may be signed off/initialed by an adult whom you helped, worked with or witnessed you complete the task.

In many cases you will need to ask someone first before jumping in to complete a task. Make sure an adult is aware you are being of service. If they don’t realize you are retaining, running errands, water bearing, etc. you may not get the sign off you need. Sometimes asking first is very efficient. Example: “My Lady is it OK if I retain for her Majesty with you?” Is an effective way to get someone to notice your service and also start the time for this particular task.
Any “extra points” earned must be marked by adult signing off on it.

Turn in your completed sheets to the royal room or pavilion no less than a half hour before Royal Court.


  • Have a pen or pencil with you. It will be that much easier to get the signatures you need.
  • Start by asking if you can be of service.
  • Do not pester someone. If they would rather not accept your service, that is OK.
  • Be polite, courteous, ask permission, and say thank you.
    Don’t limit yourself to the list! Service can be found everywhere.

Note for Adults/Guardians:

If you see a child doing something of service please offer to sign off on their act of service. If they are doing something not listed on the tasks but you still think it is service write it in. Write in services will add 1 point to the child’s total.

We understand that not all children will be able to do all things listed. That’s completely fine! It is up to the children and their guardians to determine which tasks are appropriate and appealing to each kid. There are many different tasks available that all should be able to complete a total of 10 points of tasks.