About Basileus Brennan, Autokrator Tis Anatolis

photo by Brendan Crane

Syr Brennan mac Fearghus enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets, pina coladas, and getting caught working reigns. Just kidding. He enjoys hitting his friends with sticks and watching excellent displays of all martial pursuits. We all know he can’t art, but he is amazed by the incredible talent of Eastern artisans. He is also willing to try many different pursuits with exceedingly patient teachers

One of these days, Brennan will settle down and get a fully grown persona. In the interim, he enjoys portrayals of Justinian-era Byzantine in the style of his line, Roman portrayals as honors Caoilfhionn, or Viking portrayals in the style of much of his household.

Favorite colors: Green, blue, black
Clothing: Byzantine/Roman/Viking
Food & Beverage: Water, Black coffee, beer, scotch, hot sauce
Misc: Tournaments. More tournaments. And after that, a tournament.

Sable, two wolf’s heads couped close respectant argent, a base checky sable and argent